Profile on Alan


The love affair with photography all started with a roll of black and white film, taking pictures as a teenager when my dad gave me his old Zorki 4K Russian rangefinder.
It all grew from there. When my art teacher at high school said I should give it a try, I applied to college and put together a darkroom in my house. There were always prints hanging up in the bathroom !
After two years studying for a Vocational Diploma in Photography at Glasgow College of Building and Printing I left and started in Boots colour printing for commercial experience.
I then started to freelance for Johnston Press and also took an opportunity to work as a photographic printer in The Scotsman darkroom in Edinburgh, convincing me to follow my passion.
After a time I was offered a staff photographer position with Johnston Press which later with expansion bought The Scotsman.
I have a love of photography in all its genre but covering editorial and sports has always played a big part in my career.
The great thing is the co-existence of film and digital opens up choice and approach.
And black and white is still my favourite medium to photograph in.
No matter who you are and background photography is a level playing field.
Each of us can follow the path we choose and enjoy the learning process.
I still love it...